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Engaufrez-vous – Plateau Mont-Royal Montreal, Canada










Engaufrez-vous is located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal Montreal, Canada

Day one of a long weekend in Montreal, where we stayed in an Air B&B near Mont-Royal park, we took a walk around the neighborhood by our apartment. Since we were in a foreign country and did not have access to our phones while wandering about, we had to do all of our Yelping research ahead of time. The chance of getting lost without GPS is not enough to deter us from finding a great snack.











Waffle treats await inside Engaufrez-vous

We didn’t have to walk far to find a spot for a bite. The place was small, but had a very homey vibe. It happened to be too crowded to get a table at the time we arrived, but don’t let this discourage you, we think it was just bad timing. Instead of leaving to find another spot for breakfast, we were drawn to the waffle treats (gaufres; hence the name of this cafe) encased on the countertop.









Three varieties to choose from this day were caramel, liège and walnut butter

After a brief conversation with the barista/waiter, we settled on a homemade waffle with syrop de liege filling shown in the case above labeled “wallone.” Truth be told, we had no clue what we were ordering, but it looked as though it was begging to be eaten from in that glass. So we put it out of its misery.









Syrop de liege is a jam-like reduction made from evaporated fruit juices (usually apple and pear)

Keep in mind that neither of us really have a sweet tooth. But this fruit-filled treat really hit the spot. If you do have a sweet tooth, they had a wide array of treats that would surely satisfy your needs. We also grabbed a cappuccino to test the barista skills of our nouvel ami and we were not disappointed with that either. Overall this was a pretty sweet spot, pun intended, delivered and not regretted.











The Drunken Duo at a small monument park across the street from Engaufrez-vous

Here you can see their Yelp review where you will see reviews that don’t deviate much from what we’ve told you, but don’t take our word for it – Yelp along if you feel so inclined.

Here is Engaufrez-vous’ website, it’s fun and visually pleasing, but also en francais. Bonne chance!